IMG_1898For the second year in a row, I’m taking part in “The 100 Day Project” through Elle Luna and The Great Discontent on Instagram. Starting today, April 4, I am joining people all over the world in doing one creative act every day for 100 consecutive days, and posting about it every day on Instagram.  My project last year was “100 Days of Illustrating My Poems,” and it profoundly impacted my life by helping me give myself permission to draw daily and to share my work.  I learned through that challenge that I’m capable of much more self expression than I had experienced, and I gained access to a bubbling inner spring of creativity.

This year my project is entitled, “100 Days of Novel Research.”  I began my first novel a few months ago and it is going to require a massive amount of research, as it is historical fiction and covers many topics and settings about which I don’t know enough.  Starting today,  I am committing to posting a piece of information every day that I uncover in my research, plus the source in which I discovered it, and also a drawing that I made that corresponds to the information.

I’m thrilled to seek out the essence of my characters by sifting through events in history.  I’m excited to spend time thinking about the places in which I’ve set my novel– a sense of place is so important to learning my characters’ world view.

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