I drew this picture of my daughter Rae last night– her idea. She wrote the caption: Rae, the Caracal.

She looks sorta sweet as she licks her paw, but no! She will leap high into the air and fiercely attack you, sometimes without obvious cause. Sometimes these attacks can throw you off balance, or even hurt. We are working on this. If she really wanted to hurt someone in these moments, she could do some damage.

Rae embodies the essence of the caracal which is carnivorous, secretive, territorial, with a “robust build, long legs, a short face…” Thank you Rae for introducing me to an animal I had never heard of, and thank you Wild Kratts for your great tv show which teaches kids about wild animals, and thank you caracals for your wild fierce nature which shows my girl how to fight and find her strength.

What Does Wild Mean?

(For Ryanne, my 8 year old, who said the other day as we drove by horse stables¬†on the way to school: ¬†“Mom, horse manure doesn’t smell good, but I like the smell, because it reminds me of something…something I don’t know.” )

All day in fields you go,

remembering something you don’t know.

It’s hot in the sun, and you don’t even try

and no one looks at you while you make the sky.