Beauty is Not Always Pretty

To my young daughter:

Notice the hydrangea,

both blue and purple.

Blue and purple

are the mealy veins

that line the bulb

of a nose

on that codger

who told you today

that you are not pretty.

Honey, he cannot see

beyond his small

square of green lawn.

You of the tender cheeks.

You of the soprano that rises

out the window as you play

your own piano songs.


I Can Tell It’s Not For Long: Your Smallness

I Can Tell it’s Not For Long:  Your Smallness

Over the summer

during a party at Chuck E. Cheese,

one of the moms warned me,

“Get ready,

because they go into 1st grade

your baby,

but when they come out at

the end of the year,

your baby’s


*        *        *

Somebody already likes you

in your 1st grade class,

and you told me you are pretty sure

you like him back.

I don’t know much about this boy,

but I am suspicious of his

fast ways.

*        *        *

You aren’t even afraid of roller coasters,

you bold girl!

On the other hand,

you don’t know disaster,

dear one,

whose head I look down on,

whose crown is many colors

of blond.