I Was Mostly Kidding About the Vacuum

I am sorry I was not friendly

to the repair man

who came today to fix

the oven.

He offered to help me

carry the grocery bag in from the car

as he came up the driveway.

I didn’t even expend the effort

to smile when I said

“No thanks.”

I questioned his judgment

on the reason the igniter broke,

and whether it really was the igniter

that was broken,

and he looked at me,


and said, “I do this for a living.”

I covered my cheeks,

“Sorry, I tend to offend people

with my questions.

Even my dental hygienist.”

After punching the request for new parts

into his computer, he turned to leave,

asking me, as he walked, if there was anything

else.  “Well, do you know how to fix vacuums?”  I asked.

“Because we have three broken appliances, and it’s

really discouraging.”