Loose Scraps of Paper

The loose scraps of paper, on which she enjoyed writing, were liable to fly away if someone left a window open.  But she firmly believed that fresh air blowing through the screens was the best– and certainly easiest– way to keep a house clean.  So she allowed windows, and even sometimes doors, to be left open all hours in her household, and she trusted the breezes to loop her ideas back to her when she needed them.

Meanwhile, the cobwebs gathered in the ceiling corners, and at this rate would be pleasingly haunting by Halloween.



I’m so bad ass

I make the car go



I don’t care the

street is bleak I’m just

stopping here


to look at the sidewalk in

sun and

the trees in the breeze


the rain

shined up all the work

people have done the fruit


trees are laden and come

summer this town

will be Eden.